Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Onions make me cry...

A big thumbs-down to The Onion, a usually funny and satirical paper that really pissed me off for the following:

The piece denigrates those who *do* strip as a way of life, and implies that dancers are stuck in abusive relationships and abysmal work conditions.

And boo to me for every time I politely smiled and nodded along as a customer commended me for "having something else going" for me in my life, not like the other low-life girls at the club who didn't have education or politics.


  1. Charlie from Stripperweb--

    I was also pretty pissed off by that article, but then I realized that The Onion doesn't really leave ANYONE alone. I mean they attack different races, professions, genders, etc. When you think about it, that's what they do: they make fun of stereotypes by presenting people who adhere 100% to the stereotypes we're all aware of.

  2. I read the aforementioned Onion article, "Stripper Putting Herself Through Life," and it was indeed cheap and misguided. This piece simply perpetuated a patronizing, ignorant view of sex workers for a cheap laugh. The article's intent was not to mock said negative view, it was to exploit it. For a paper that is known for expertly satirizing social/political absurdity this is a step backward. For shame.