Thursday, September 2, 2010


"I can't come here anymore."

Eventually, your regular customer *will* say this, and may even disappear for a while.

In my experience, it's NEVER true. In fact, I have a hunch that "I can't see you anymore"/"I can't come here anymore"/"I'm done with strip clubs" is the guy's way to see if you'll get sad, ask him not to leave, offer to meet him outside, etc. Classic pathetic bullshit.

Remember "we are on a lake" guy? He'd emailed me the following: "we are on the lake. this is a fine evening.....not very hot....nor very breeze from the lake....i am there....and you are there too....

now we are at the middle of the other boats are near by......far away we can see the sun setting slowly.......full bright red sun.......sometimes hiding in the clouds....and sometimes peeping out of it.....slowly immersing into the water.....we can see ducks moving around.....maa goes in front and the ducklings a line. some times it lifts out of the water and shake its body....we are standing in the standing in front of me....i am holding you from behind.....we are just standing there ... looking into the vastness....staring at the stars now slowly emerging.....the moon slowly ascends.....your face is shining in the moonlight.....what a beauty to look at your smiling with your eyes closed now.....touching my heart you telling me 'what is inside here matters'......i am deeply touched.....tears come into my soon you found it, oh my are always with me since the moment i saw you.......always,always thinking about you......

my dear...i can't wait any longer to see you......i miss you....."

...and I'd shamelessly mocked him on my blog?

Well, several months ago he'd told me he wanted to take me to Macy's and buy me whatever I wanted, and I'd told him I can't go out with a customer. He got all sad and said he couldn't believe after all this time I thought of him as a customer (even though I faithfully charged him for each and every lapdance) and said he couldn't come see me anymore.

By August, after a several month absence, he emailed me to see where I was working, and moved his poetic ass over to my new club to patronize me. (Or maybe I patronize him. It's hard to say.) This new club, with it's privacy and lax security, has brought out a part of him I'd never seen before. Yep, the good ole cock 'n balls, which, upon whip-outtage, made me leap a good three feet away and demand that they be hidden from sight. His cock-eyed scheme to whip it out just didn't mesh with his previous romantic, teary eyed, sentimental persona, but hey, we've all got multiple voices, yes? (Yet, this incident had me thinking more Bactine than Bakhtin!)

There's another customer who I must have meet over a year ago. He's not a big money guy (maybe a few dances per visit), but he really wants to meet for dinner. (He asks all the dancers this, by the way.) Upon being told I don't date customers, he says the classic idiotic line: "Then I won't be your customer anymore!". I finally shifted my approach with him to "I heard you asked Viva and Alina to dinner to, and it sort of broke my heart because I thought I was special." Anyway, he "quit" strip clubs back in May and is back in full swing as of last week, still persistent with his dinner invitations.

These guys that try to terminate their strip-club penchants? They'll be back...