Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Khanvict Music

So I have this new customer. He buys seven or eight dances, and then leaves. He's an Indian guy who must be close to 70, but his dye-job hides his age very well. I think he fell for me because he likes my Hindi and my heiny. Our lapdances consist of him trying to perform cunnilingus on my bellybutton and my pushing him away, then him telling me he'd give me a generous mehr if I agree to be his second wife, and various lackluster conversations in Hindi. (FYI, he also told me he fucked one of his "servants" back in Calcutta. His wife found out and was pissed, hence the move to the US. See! I told you reasons for immigration are complex!!!) The lapdance dirty-talk is repetitive and hilarious, as it mostly consists of: how much he wants to fuck me, but he would only do it after we got married; that his dick can't get hard unless someone sucks on it for about 5 minutes; recollections of the 75-100 occasions on which he's paid for sex.

Anyway, last time he came in and told me he dreamed about me. He said he lay in bed, put lotion on his hand and "massaged" himself thinking about me. Then he told me he wrote me a song, and he began singing to me in a very ghazal-singer-esque voice: "Tumhe chutne ko dil karta hain. Tumhare gaand khaane ko dil karta hain." (Roughly translated? My heart wants to fuck you. My heart wants to give you a rim job.) Basically, he's singing me an Akon song in Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan style...Let's call him Akhan!

Okay, okay, I'm doing that thing again where everyone sounds like a crazy/perverted customer. Not true! Simply just fun to blog about! Irish Gold and I had an awesome conversation today about Pat Buchanan's wicked conservatism yet fierce pro-Palestinianism and the American obsession with abortion and "life" debates. I also kicked it with this new guy who said he'd never heard someone discuss the Malcolm X assassination while topless, leading to a hilarious whole conversation about what appropriate strip club banter usually consists of. Not to mention, I air-guitared on stage every time the DJ played a shitty song (i.e. Live's "Lighting Crashes"). A fun day!


  1. "...he also told me he fucked one of his "servants" back in Calcutta. His wife found out and was pissed, hence the move to the US. See! I told you reasons for immigration are complex!!!"


  2. I'd take a conversation with you over "appropriate" strip club banter any day.

  3. I couldn't find an email address for you so I'm leaving this note as a comment - I hope that's okay!
    For the last year, I've been running a co-hosted reading series called Sex Worker Literati in my hometown of NYC, but now I'm striking out on my own to create a monthly event, The Red Umbrella Diaries, with a solid online dimension. I love my city, but I know that by putting down my roots and hosting events here I'm discriminating against those who can't be here!

    Lots of people ask how they can be involved with the Red Umbrella Diaries if they can't get to New York to see or perform in the show. The Blog Carnival is a way for sex workers and their allies to participate in the Red Umbrella Diaries from afar. Every month, I'll do a carnival of pieces of writing on the upcoming event's theme.

    For the next event, the theme is Coworkers and Co-conspirators. Here's a little something to get you started thinking:
    In every industry, quirky coworkers keep jobs entertaining, livable, or sometimes downright miserable. But what’s too much information and even sexual harassment at other jobs is just a day in the life in the sex industry.

    Send me a piece that is up to 700 words long, and I'll pick my favorite to read at the event - and of course then I'll put the recording in the new Red Umbrella Diaries audio podcast, which will launch in July. Your piece can be previously published on your own blog or elsewhere, or you can conceal your identity and email me a piece that you can't put your name on. The themes can be interpreted all kinds of different ways, I love to see creativity. Send your links or text to stories@redumbrellaproject.com by the 15th of the month.

    And of course, should you be planning a trip to NYC, I'd love to have you perform!


  4. Love your blog, so much in fact that we linked to yours from ours!

    We wont argue if you want to show the <3 back :-)